RFM12B mini breakout board

The RFM12B modules from Hoperf  are small, cheap and offer a lot of features.

But their size has a slight drawback: both the SMD modules and the through-hole ones have 2mm pitch instead of the standard 2.54mm (100mil). This makes them incompatible with breadboards or prototyping PCBs. That is why I needed to make a little board which could hold a module and provide a standard sized header.

I chose the SMD version because this does not require an extra connector and the final assembly is smaller.

Below are some more pictures of the results and an archive containing Eagle files and PDFs to make your own.

RFM12 mini board

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  1. in this module you have four frequency bands, am i free to use them all with this breakout design or i’ll be tied to a specific frequency ?

    • Hi, The module footprint for all bands is the same. What is different in each module is the antenna adaptation circuit. That is why, each module can only be used in the band it was designed for.

  2. SMA SMA SMA SMA !!!! for this awesome module I look a SMA or UFL breakout

  3. Awesome! I was looking for a good transceiver. Thanks for posting this! When I get a chance to try these out I’ll send ya a link back. 🙂

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