Vorpal hexapod

I wanted to have a hexapod robot for a long while now. It just never seemed to be that much of a priority to spend the time or money to build one.

Luckily this changed when I found Vorpal. They are selling complete kits or you can build one yourself from the plans that are provided. I was missing only a few servos and the 3D printed pieces, so I quickly decided to build one. (I am not affiliated with the company, just think this is an awesome project).

Building the robot from plans and parts was interesting, I enjoy just following instructions for once instead of designing something.

The result:

The only difference compared to the original is that I used a 6700 mAh power bank in place of the couple of 18650 batteries. This simplifies the process a lot and is cheaper.

I could make a video to show it in action,  but I would not be as awesome as this one:



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  1. I’m a beginner. Can you recommend a good reliable 3d printer that I could get to print the parts? What did you use?

    • Hello Hans, I printed the parts for the Vorpal on my old 3D printer kit, which I got rid of and not recommend. Now I own an anycubic I3 mega which is much better and the bed surface is simply awesome: http://www.electrobob.com/new-3d-printer/ . You can find reviews online and now they have an S version with some improvements. I would say it is a well regarded printer and performs well out of the box (minus the noise).

      There are other printers you can consider, the Ender 3 is well regarded, so are the printers from Prusa, but more expensive. I suggest you have a look around youtube of check the guides at https://all3dp.com/1/best-3d-printer-reviews-top-3d-printers-home-3-d-printer-3d/ to start with and further youtube channels about 3D printers like Thomas Sanladerer or Maker’s Muse.
      Good luck!

    • BTW, the new prusa mini might be big enough to print the parts (please check) and it has some interesting features as well. There are no reviews yet, since it will launch soon.

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