Solar panels for sensor nodes

Intro For a while now, I started replacing the dead AA(A) batteries in my sensor nodes with rechargeable NiMH ones. So, since these batteries are rechargeable, I thought, why not trying adding small solar panels for sensor nodes, where light is abundant. Node 27: outside sensor Purpose: outside temperature, humidity, light, pressure sensor. Powered by 2 x AAA 500mAh from Ikea. The solar cell is rated 3V, 125mA and is pointing vertically south and costs… Continue reading

Simple LED strip UPS

Why? There are multiple LED strips in my home, all of them automated and remote controlled, as part of my home automation system. LED strips are very flexible, both literally and as usage case, easy to control and provide an interesting lighting option. While there are issues with electricity at most once or twice a year, I thought about how it might be good if some of these LED lights might work for a while once… Continue reading