Vorpal hexapod

I wanted to have a hexapod robot for a long while now. It just never seemed to be that much of a priority to spend the time or money to build one.

Luckily this changed when I found Vorpal. They are selling complete kits or you can build one yourself from the plans that are provided. I was missing only a few servos and the 3D printed pieces, so I quickly decided to build one. (I am not affiliated with the company, just think this is an awesome project).

Building the robot from plans and parts was interesting, I enjoy just following instructions for once instead of designing something.

The result:

The only difference compared to the original is that I used a 6700 mAh power bank in place of the couple of 18650 batteries. This simplifies the process a lot and is cheaper.

I could make a video to show it in action,  but I would not be as awesome as this one:



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