1000.1000 Software

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1000.1000 Hardware

[Under construction. Check out The intro in the meantime]

Some history

A picture says 1000 words!*

*inner voice dependent

Which microcontroller?

When I began this project, I was long given up on the ATMega and ATTtiny micro, with some exceptions, as they are not really justified in a hobby environment. Therefore, I have initially […]

1000.1000 Lessons learned


This page covers things I have learned and why I did what I did in my 1000.1000 project. Some experience, random calculations, opinions and thoughts.

Battery philosophy

So what is the battery philosophy? Should I make everything last as long as possible and change batteries each time some device is dead? What […]


[Ths project is work in progress in an incipient state. Check out the related pages:

Lessons learned and why I did what I did

Hardware and



I have enjoyed building small home automation devices for many years, simple things that make life better or just cater […]

Cheap China

My experiences and recommendations for cheap electronic modules from China. […]

Bad wires

Thin the cheap dupont jumper wires are a good deal? Think again! […]

ESP8266 tests

Some quick stability tests for the ESP8266. […]

Stockie – item centric shopping list

Wireless buttons that let you instantly add something to your shopping list. Like the Dash buttons, but invented before. […]

RFM12B mini breakout board

A mini breakout board for the RFM12B radio module. […]

Sunrise simulator

A DIY sunrise simulator using a high power light, for a soft wake up during the winter time. […]

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