Digital Power Supply – Part 1: Concept

Started working on a digitally controllable power supply. […]

555 class D amplifier

Building a 555 based class D amplifier, even building the 555. […]

Secret knock detector with 555

Detecting a secret knock pattern using 555’s. […]

555 / 556 H bridge

Simple H-bridge using 555’s. […]


A physical display that connects to the internet to display the visits counter on my website. […]

LED UV exposure box part 2, the timer

Buiding a timer for a PCB UV exposure box. […]

LED UV exposure box part 1, the box

Building a nice UV exposure box to make PCBs. […]

CoMBi Clock

A binary clock that displays hours minutes and seconds using colors on LEDs. Super difficult to read! […]

Sunrise simulator

A DIY sunrise simulator using a high power light, for a soft wake up during the winter time. […]

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