ESP8266 tests

Some quick stability tests for the ESP8266. […]

Stockie – item centric shopping list

Wireless buttons that let you instantly add something to your shopping list. Like the Dash buttons, but invented before. […]

Heatsink Tester

How much heat can a heatsink dissipate? Automated tester with cool interface and graphs! […]

LED logger V2

How long do LED’s last? Let’s check their intensity and find out, featuring an internet connected tester! […]

Blue Panda

Bringing bluetooth to this super cute panda speaker i got as a present. […]

LED logger

Do LEDs really last as much as they say? I’m building a tester to find out. […]

Auto AMP

Making an amplifier turn on only when there is signal present, to save power and effort. […]

Digital Power Supply – Part 2: Prototype

The first prototype of my digitally controlled power supply. […]

Fun with LEDs

Simple circuits to get night lights on the hallway and motion lights in the rest of the house. […]

Upgrading spotlights to LED

Turned my hallway spotlights to some nice LED lights. […]

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